Cookie policy

1. What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files which are saved on your device when you visit a website. Today they are used on just about every webpage. They allow users of our web server to be recognised and content to be automatically adjusted to their needs when they visit the website. They provide us with statistics on usage, which in turn enable us to measure and improve the functioning of the website and thereby ensure a better user experience.

Cookies do not record personal data: the information they save is anonymous. We recommend using cookies, because if you disallow them, your website-browsing experience may suffer.

2. Cookies used on our site

  • Technical cookies ensure the functioning of the website. Without them, key parts of the site cannot be used.
  • Functional cookies are needed for navigation on the website and enable special functions to be offered and pages to be personalised.
  • Analytical cookies gather information in non-personalised form about visitors to and the use of the website in order to measure and improve its functioning.
  • Marketing cookies help us to display appropriate advertisements to website visitors, to measure the impact of advertising campaigns and to form a profile on the basis of which to display advertisements that match people’s interests on other websites as well.

3. Managing cookies

You can always choose whether to allow cookies on a website. If you don’t want to, you can adjust your browser settings to automatically block cookies or you can have your browser alert you every time a website requires the use of cookies. If you block cookies, you may not be able to access some parts of our website, use certain site functions or access the site as a whole.

4. Changes in cookie policy

We have the right to amend our cookie policy at any time. Any changes we make to the policy are published on our website, with a notification to this effect being highlighted in the browser.

More information about cookies, their management and their deletion can be found online at and or by clicking on ‘Help’ in your web browser.

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