Learning new things and putting them into practice form part of personal development, and personal development’s an important part of any job. Thankfully, there are different ways of learning new things..

  • An innovative new way of doing so is by recruiting an interim manager for your organisation or by encouraging your staff to gain experience as interim managers themselves. The experience gained can then be shared within the organisation, thereby boosting your team’s competence across the board.
  • The traditional way is by learning through practical training with highly recommended speakers who know how to pass on knowledge effectively and get people involved.
    Is that the most logical approach for your organisation?

VVT’s trainers and our extensive network of interim managers are here to help you put together and carry out the precise training you need.


“VVT’s trainers will take your organisation and team to a new level of development in your field.”


Management trainings

  • Setting goals
  • Leading people and leadership theory
  • The basics of financial management
  • Motivating yourself and your team
  • Giving feedback (managers and staff)
  • The A-Z of management a.k.a. Making the leap from specialist to manager
  • The basis of success in teamwork & Belbini team roles
  • Basic training in mentorship and coaching
  • Motivation
  • Change management
  • Organisational structure and design
  • Organisational values and culture
  • Decision-making
  • Project management
  • Strategic management: the nature, creation and implementation of a strategy
  • Effective self-management over time
  • Managing and conducting meetings effectively
  • Business process design

Human Resources (HR) trainings

  • Creating an appraisal system and planning and conducting appraisals
  • Adopting innovative new working methods
  • Collective employment relations within an organisation
  • Drawing up a competence model and creating a competence system
  • Interviewing people in a motivating and effective way
  • Measuring the effectiveness of HR work
  • How to approach difficult conversations
  • Communication skills and how to develop them
  • Building up an effective recruitment system
  • Job stress, mental health and burnout
  • Updating remuneration systems

Communications trainings

  • Successful negotiations
  • Effective communication

Production trainings

  • Production management and how to make it more effective

Sales trainings


Experienced practitioners

We’ve been training teams in a variety of organisations on a daily basis for a long time now, and work with the leading lights in our field. We’re aware of the challenges organisations face and know how to deal with them.

Breadth of experience

We’ve worked as managers, interim managers and trainers, implementing change and training and inspiring teams in organisation in both the public and private sectors.

Multitalented trainers

We’ve worked on stages big and small training teams of all sizes. We use modern training methods and train people in different ways according to the needs of your organisation.

Successful approach

We know how to pass on our knowledge in a clear, systematic and inspiring way, using a range of techniques and tools.

Open communication

We work with you to pinpoint your training needs and objectives and tie them to the actual goals of your organisation. We’re dedicated to achieving results and satisfying our loyal clients.

Extensive network

We carry out our training ourselves, but where needed we also draft experienced managers and specialists into our interim network.

Let us put together a training event tailored to the needs and objectives of your organisation.

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