Exec Search & Recruitment

An executive search and recruitment (also known as headhunting) are a thorough, pro-active search for a manager or specialists. As a result, we find the best players in their fields, whose skills and experience meet the requirements of your company and the position in question.

Why opt for VVT’s recruitment?

Good managers and specialists tend to be employed and don’t spend time browsing positions vacant. Since finding, mapping and assessing candidates is our bread and butter, VVT’s executive search will significantly boost:

  • your chance of finding someone suitable. Our recruiter contacts potential candidates personally, sets out the offer to them and deals with them thereafter on a one-to-one basis;


  • the number and quality of candidates who come in for interviews. The personal approach means that your organisation and the position you have to offer will become known to the most outstanding professionals on the market.

“Headhunting is your surest way of finding someone whose skills match the requirements of the position and whose personality will match your team.”


VVT’s recruitment is a guarantee of quality

Our most valuable skill is our ability to map the most suitable candidates on the market:

  • we know who the best players in the field are
  • we know how to find them
  • we assess how good a match a candidate is for your company (and vice versa).

We’ve been working with quite a few clients for many years. We have a well-established network and are familiar with wide-ranging areas of activity.


Thorough preparation

We work with the client to prepare as thoroughly as possible, as part of which we map the requirements and expectations of the candidate.

Pro-active recruitment

In selecting candidates we focus on professionals who match the requirements. We contact them directly and send them a targeted invitation to apply.

Familiarity with the labour market

Thanks to our diversity of company management experience we can find the most suitable solution to meet (and surpass) your objectives in a short space of time.

An extensive network

We make the most of our wide-ranging database of experienced managers and specialists, which also includes interim managers.

Open communication

We value trust, open communication and ongoing cooperation in everything we do. We’re dedicated to achieving results and satisfying loyal clients.

A transparent search process

We act transparently at every turn. As a result, candidates and the representatives of our clients have a constant overview of where the search process is at, what the next steps are and who expects what of whom.

2 consultants in every process

Our executive searches are led by VVT’s long-standing partners. We involve at least two experienced consultants in every recruitment project.


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