Working as an interim manager

An interim manager is a highly qualified professional, mostly with international work and/or entrepreneurial experience, who has had a successful career in general management or in specific fields and who seeks to constantly boost their competence and develop. Interim managers are prepared to start working for a client’s organisation at short notice. To be an interim manager you must have a good deal of experience, an ongoing interest in remaining active on the market and a desire to take on new challenges.

Our agency has an extensive network of contacts and partners and a database of experiences managers and senior specialists. All of them are able to take up posts in a client’s company with very little notice. We know managers and specialists in a wide range of fields: finance, marketing, sales, logistics, IT, production, purchasing and human resources.

As part of an interim management project we find our client an interim manager with suitable skills, practical experience and a professional attitude who will be able to organise the company’s work so as to achieve its planned business goals within a defined period.

What characterises an interim manager?

  • Speed. An interim manager can be drafted in at short notice and stay as long as needed.
  • Experience.  As a rule, interim managers have held senior positions in companies for years and are highly trained.
  • Independence & objectivity. Interim managers are not linked to the firm’s history, founders or traditions. They look at the company’s set-up from a new angle and focus on the areas of business that show the most potential.
  • Results, responsibility & dedication. Interim managers are responsible for achieving results. Getting paid depends on it – as do good references.

Why do companies hire interim managers?

  • The labour market is small, the pool of highly qualified workers even smaller and people’s work habits have changed.
  • The best expertise in your field can be drafted in.
  • Long-term management experience and outstanding results are a guarantee of success.
  • Interim managers come up with solutions and take responsibility for implementing them within a specified period.
  • What needs to be done to achieve a goal is evaluated objectively and immediate feedback is given.
  • Companies save on costs, since the interim manager focuses on achieving specific goals within a fixed period.
  • As a rule, the results are reflected in your profit margin.
  • Companies enjoy flexibility, since an interim manager can be hired on an as-needed basis.


  • You can make full use of your skills.
  • You can undertake exciting and varied work in different companies.
  • You can choose the projects you take on.
  • You can drag yourself out of your comfort zone and put yourself to the test.

How long an interim manager is hired for depends on the company’s goals and volume of work: from as little as a couple of weeks to as much as a year-and-a-half. Statistics from the UK show that the average mission of an interim manager lasts for 8-9 months.


Once a month we organise Interim Mornings, at which anyone interested in becoming an interim manager can bring themselves up to speed on what it involves.

At an Interim Morning you will:

  • find out what working as an interim manager is like
  • hear from one of VVT’s partners about their experiences working as an interim manager over the years
  •  be given the chance to join our network, should you wish to

Interested in working as an interim manager and think you’d be suited for it? Contact Piret Lukk at


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