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Our first-rate team have recruited senior and middle management and specialists for dozens of respected companies. Our clients are in the fields of banking, production, retail trade, IT, legal services, the timber industry, start-ups, construction and more.

What our clients say about us

"Here at Laomaailm we were looking for someone positive and proactive to take charge of our marketing. VVT led the entire process, did everything exactly when they said they would and found us a number of promising candidates, any of whom we would’ve been happy to take on. Now, a few months later, I can say we’re very happy with the candidate we ultimately went with."

Tiit Hõbejõgi | CEO, Laomaailm
"I’ve got nothing but good things to say about your headhunting service. Nothing’s come to light so far that goes against the information we were given during the recruitment process or the way we imagined or expected things to be. To my mind, what puts you ahead of your competitors is your network of interim contacts, which enables you to headhunt the right people. But even more important is the work you put in before that to map our needs: you really got to the nub of the sort of person we were after. I personally also found the service really convenient. You shared all the important information with me but never drowned me in detail. The summaries you put together about the candidates were very much to the point, but also provided a good overall impression of them, which was then confirmed in the interviews. In a word, I’m really happy with everything and have no doubt we’ll work with you again."

Kaire Lukkanen-Jaas | CEO, Eesti Killustik
"We worked together really effectively, and you handled what was quite a difficult task with aplomb – especially given the dearth of qualified workers at the moment. Despite that, you were focused on finding a solution from the outset, which is what guaranteed a good result. The candidates who were in the final running were well briefed by you, and the overviews you gave us of them were really well written. The material you provided us with was really valuable and also simple to use."

Priit Uuemaa | Owner and current CEO, Corle
"A professional service in which every agreement made is absolutely rock solid."

Martin Kiil | Owner, O3 Technology
"I have nothing but praise for Interim Agentuur for the amount of prep time they put in to determine what we required and what sort of person with what sort of skills we needed for our team. The fact they were so good to work with in looking for our new team member and constantly gave us feedback helped us make sense of and reflect on our own work process as well. The search brought some really strong candidates our way, and we found just the sort of person we were after. We’re very happy with Interim Agentuur’s executive search service and would recommend it to anyone."

Kadri Artma | Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Solis BioDyne

Our clients

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Interim management is a management tool which brings into an organisation or company an interim manager who is highly qualified, has the skills and experience needed by the client, implements the agreed changes and achieves the agreed objectives within the timeframe given.


An executive search (also known as headhunting) is a thorough, pro-active search for a manager or specialist. As a result, we find the best players in their fields, whose skills and experience meet the requirements of your company and the position in question.


VVT’s trainers will take your organisation and team to a new level of development in your field. We are providing trainings in the following areas: management trainings, HR trainings, communications, production and sales.


An interim manager is a highly qualified professional, mostly with international work and/or entrepreneurial experience, who has had a successful career in general management or in specific fields and who seeks to constantly boost their competence and develop.


The state of the labour market forces companies to rent managers

We will talk to Pärtel Vurma, one of the owners and CEO of the design agency Velvet, about the values of interim managers. Velvet has had experience with VVT interim managers since 2014. “At a gathering attended by Eela Velström, I talked about the challenges Velvet had or encountered at that moment,” Pärtel Vurma recalls.…

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