Key Principle of a Leader #45: Excessive praise is risky and counterproductive

Praise is good for a while, warm and provides encouragement, but if it continue too long, it can blind, fatten and cripple the recipient. An overly high opinion of oneself resulting from too much praise from a manager spreads like wildfire within the organization, unfortunately. There will be a whole row of kings who actually wear no crown. At some point, there will be no more results to praise.

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Peeter Tohver

Every thought in Peeter’s head is backed up by practical experience. He has managed teams and companies all over Estonia as well as in Russia and elsewhere in Eastern Europe, both on long-term contracts and drafted in to resolve specific issues. His name has been attached to Tallinna Kaubamaja, Falck, G4S, the Transport Department of the City of Moscow, Talleks and more. In his work he is every inch the rock-steady manager and inspiring leader.