Key Principle of a Leader #10: Perseverance is the answer

Business is not a lottery and miracles occur only rarely. It isn’t important what you do. It’s how you do it! Even in a very competitive area of activity, it’s possible to achieve great results. To do so, you need to be better than the others. That takes time, though.

Peeter Tohver

Key Principle of a Leader #9: Don’t play favorites with subordinates

A good manager is able to evaluate all team members using the same yardstick. One who uses different standards will end up building a monarch’s court instead of a team. Favourites on a team cause a situation where the manager’s decisions are biased. View all the the key principles of a leader from our YouTube…

Peeter Tohver

Key Principle of a Leader #5: Nobody should put spokes in your wheels

Any sort of backbiting in the organization has to be out of the question – this principle becomes more and more important the bigger the organization is. Teams have to have a good ethic and commitment to reaching the goal. It requires clear and understandable assignments, and also mutual trust and respect. We use the…

Peeter Tohver
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