Key Principle of a Leader #23: Tired workers are poor performers. Give them some days off.

Progress won’t be made if the job is in the hands of a tired worker, and they’re also a security risk to the company. Similarly to a fatigued driver, a tired worker can commit simple lapses or cause significant damage for a company.
It’s a manager’s duty to notice a tired employee and take action. Sending an employee on compulsory leave is better than contending with later consequences. In addition, a rested employee is more highly motivated and more pleasant to work with for co-workers.

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Urmo Vallner

Urmo is a financial manager and consultant with years of experience to draw on. He is also a very reliable manager of change and an engaging trainer. He has managed finances for the Eastern and Central European region of security concern G4S, took Tallinna Kaubamaja to the stock market, developed and implemented the Selver concept and has worked in Russia. He manages money and makes it grow.